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What does this web site do, exactly?

The Printgear web site provides complete access to all of the information you need to evaluate and purchase our products over the Internet. Specifically, you will find the following features:

  • an online catalog of our entire product offering. We provide images for virtually all products, as well as descriptions, and you can find the information in a number of ways. Browse by category, mill, style code, or go directly to new and closeout items.

  • current inventory levels. All inventory is live. You can view stock levels by using our catalog, then clicking the Stock Level links that appear next to each catalog item. You will need online account to view stock levels.

  • access to special promotions. We provide a page that highlights specially priced products and other promotional events that can save you money. This page is updated regularly, so visit often.

  • on-line order capability. Place orders at your convenience. They will be instantly transmitted into the Printgear shipping system for processing. Currently, the Printgear site does not determine shipping and taxes. This feature is available only to Printgear on-line account holders.

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Do I need an on-line account to use the web site?

Yes, if you want to check inventory levels or order products. The catalog is open to the embellishers, and so are the stock check pages, although only account holders can see the actual quantities.

If you would like a Printgear on-line account, please visit our New User/Register page.

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How do I check stock levels?

You can use the Catalog to check stock levels. Just display the products you are interested in, and click the Stock Levels link that appears below the product image.

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How do I view product information?

There are several ways to view our product line. Choose the one you find most convenient:

  • Browse the Catalog for descriptions and images

  • Look for specially priced items on the Specials Page

  • To view prices, use any of the above, then click on the Pricing button

No matter which area you visit, you are usually just one click away from everything else. For example, catalog pages include links to stock levels, and prices.

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How do I order products?

Most pages with product information include one or more order buttons. Just click to get an order input form.

To find products, browse our Catalog or enter a style code or keyword in our Search box.

Each order input page displays available stock for one style and color.

Enter desired quantities (always indicate the number of pieces). Ignore sizes and colors you don't need. Then click the button at the bottom of the form.

This will take you automatically to the Orders page. Here you can change the quantities if you wish, delete items you have previously ordered, or delete the whole order.

When you are ready to send your order, click on the Checkout button. You will see a screen with the items you have ordered, as well as the shipping information from your account profile. Make any desired changes to your shipping information (they will apply to the current order only), then click the Submit button to send the order.

You can keep orders open as long as you like before you send them. However, open orders do not reserve inventory. Printgear does not see orders until they are sent, so we recommend completing your orders as soon as you know what you want.

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What happens to my order when it is sent?

Your order is immediately transmitted to Printgear for processing.

Once the order is sent, you will not be able to make any further changes to it on the web site. But, the order will be visible in the online order history and you can have a copy of each order sent to you via email. You'll find a checkbox for the email option on the Check Out page.

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How accurate are the stock levels and prices on this web site?

Stock levels are live. However, they represent a 'snapshot' of our inventory at the time you are looking; we do not guarantee the availability of goods you see on our web site. Also, we do not attempt to fill your order until you send it to us. Open orders do not reserve inventory.

We update prices whenever they change; however, if you start an order and prices change before it is shipped, you will be charged the most current prices.

All orders will be shipped COD Cashier's Check or money order unless approved for credit card or company check/net terms. (UPS NO LONGER ACCEPTS CASH). Applications for credit card and company check or net terms can be downloaded from our Resources page. Visa/Mastercard can be accepted after the application is processed which is usually the same day. Company Check/net terms applications may take several days to process.

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How do I change my account information?

Visit the Account Preferences page. You will find a link to this page in the navigation area on the left side of each page. Or, just click on your company name whenever it appears at the top of the page. Note that changes you make to your account information won't be reflected on any order you might have in progress. You can change all shipping information on an order-by-order basis.

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Do I have to log in every time I use the site?

No. The login area includes a checkbox that will instruct your browser to save a key to your account as a permanent browser cookie. From then on, the web site will automatically recognize you, as long as you are using the same browser.

Keep in mind that if you use this option, anyone with access to your browser will have access to your Printgear account. If this presents a problem, don't check the box. The web site will display the login screen the first time you access a restricted area after starting your browser.

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What are cookies, and why does this web site require them?

Cookies are little bits of information that web sites like Printgear can ask your browser to store on your PC. Then, every time you download a page, your browser will send this information to the web site. Cookies allow the Printgear web site to figure out who you are (once you have logged in), so we don't have to keep asking as you move from page to page.

You can prevent the Printgear site from storing permanent cookies (they will be deleted whenever you exit your browser). Make sure the 'Remember Username and Password' box is not checked on the Login screen.

If you don't or can't accept cookies, you can still use the site, but you will have to log in repeatedly to view stock, and the order pages may not function correctly.

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How do I know my order and account information are secure?

Access to your account is restricted to people who know your username and password. We keep this information in a database on the web server, and have additional security measures in place to deter unauthorized access. Note that only the information you enter on the web site is kept on the web server. Sensitive stuff like your credit information and order history are not stored on the server.

At Printgear we take our relationship with you very seriously. We don't share sensitive information about your business with anybody without your knowledge, web site or no web site.

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Can I have more than one Printgear account?

Yes. Repeat the account signup process as often as you need to. You will need unique usernames and passwords for each account. Multiple accounts can be helpful if you have more than one ship-to location, and want to avoid typing in shipping information with each order.

If you have allowed us to store a permanent cookie so you don't have to log in every time, you will need a way to tell the web site when you want to use another account. You can do this anytime by clicking the Login link that appears on every page.

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I use more than one computer or browser to visit the site. Is this a problem?

No. Keep in mind that browsers keep their own set of cookies, even if they run on the same computer. So if you have been using your Printgear account on one machine or browser, then access the site using a different one, the web site won't recognize you until you log in again.

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Who designed this site?

This site was designed and is hosted by Copley Internet Systems of Charlotte, NC.

Site graphics and visuals were provided by Einstein Design, Inc.

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